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Cabala: A body of Jewish theological and philosophical learning commonly used as the basts for the Western Ceremonial Magick Tradition. Also spelled Kabbalah, and Quaballah.

Candle Magick: A sympathetic magick that uses colored candles to represent the people/things at which the spell is directed.

Candlemas: February 2nd. A Pagan festival honoring the return of light and warmth. Also called Imbolc, Oimelc or Brigid, the latter being the Goddess who is celebrated by many at this Sabbat.

Cauldron: A small pot that represents the womb of the Goddess,and is used for various purposes including brewing,burning incenses,and holding herbs.

Caution: Avoidance of rashness, attention to safety.

Censer: A container for burning incense. Usually a large dish with sand in it to absorb the heat from the incense charcoal. Can also be the type suspended from chains so that it can be carried to consecrate or purify an area. Also called a thurible.

Chakra: Any of the seven special points of psychic energy located within the human body.

Chalice: The magical cup used for libations, and in some Traditions, the communion vessel.

Charm: A set of spoken, written or chanted magical words, also an object carried for it's beneficial magical influence (stones, herbs, etc.)

Cingulum: A witch's and magician's girdle-cord. Worn around the waist when in ritual garb. Often one's measure is indicated by knots of the cord.

Cone of Power: The force raised from the assembled members of the Coven working in the Circle for a specific purpose previously decided upon.

Conjuration: The act of summoning up a non-physical being.

Contact: A non-physical being who acts as a guide or instructor.

Coven: A group of witches banded together under a Priest and Priestess who meet at regular intervals for worship and magical work.

Covendom: The area watched over by a coven.

Covenstead: The meeting place of a coven. Sometimes called a Temple.

Cowan: An outsider, someone who is not a follower of the Old Religion, used in much the same way as Jewish people use the word "gentile". A non-witch or non-pagan.

Cromlech: Welsh word for a structure of stone, often used as a Grove, or magical circle. Also called a Dolmen.

Curiosity: A desire to find out and know things.

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